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  • Domestic violence

    Domestic violence:

    Occurs everywhere, in all walks of life and cultures.
    Is one of our greatest social problems and has become a major health problem for women and their children.
    Costs society approximately SEK 3.6 billion per year.
    Violence is entirely the man’s responsibility.

    Men who hit:

    Are often very charming and pleasant to others around them.
    Are very self-centred.
    Are very much into playing the part of the man.
    Are very jealous and feel a sense of ownership over women.
    Always set boundaries that they change all the time.
    Get excited by the power they have over women and are therefore rapists.
    Can be from all walks of life, cultures and religions.

    Women exposed to domestic violence:

    Are not a specific type of woman, they can be any women from any walks of life and cultures.
    It is not the woman’s fault that she is beaten and controlled.