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    Advice for those who are abused and controlled by their partners:


    Keep a diary

    Write down every time you are abused, physically or emotionally. This makes it easier to remember what has happened if you decide to make a police complaint.

    Tell someone what has happened

    Talk to someone you trust, a friend, relative or perhaps a colleague.

    Document the injuries

    Write down and photograph any visible injuries. Get in touch with your healthcare provider, ask your doctor to photograph your injuries for use as evidence in any police report. 

    Do not believe him when he promises to stop the abuse

    Do not believe him when he says he will stop beating you. Always have an escape plan so that you can leave if he abuses you again. Find out who you can contact at any time of day, e.g. Social Services (if you have children), police, hospital advice service or someone else you know. Maybe you know someone who could give you a spare key in the event that something happens.

    Call the Women’s Shelter
    We have female employees and volunteers who can provide advice and support for your situation. It does not cost anything to talk with us, you can remain anonymous, we are not an authority and we keep no records. You do not need to have any visible injuries to get in touch with us. We believe what you tell us.

    Make a police report

    By making a police report, you are making it clear that you do not accept his behaviour. By not reporting the abuse you protect the perpetrator, not yourself.